I Will Be

I Am

    I am.   I will be.   I will BE.

Happiness is Jill Scott in Concert : A Trip into Our Lives and Souls

Jill Scott in concert! She was mesmerizing. Besides her spectacular voice and showmanship, I was surprised at her humility and honesty.  How many artists are willing to let you look away, to let you spend a LOT of time focused on something other than herself? This was Jill Scott’s show. Many times - MANY - … Continue reading Happiness is Jill Scott in Concert : A Trip into Our Lives and Souls

Treasure Chest

Prosery: Between Heartbeats

She had long since stopped struggling. As reward for her compliance, she was able to drift off into an alternate reality, one in which there was no smell of piss and liquor emanating from she didn’t know where. A reality in which her fingers were gripping the silky coat of her dog, Sophie, wrapped around … Continue reading Prosery: Between Heartbeats

Rendered Wordless

Rendered Wordless

Everyone who knows or has ever met me, knows that being wordless is not one of my many problems.  I always have a lot to say.  The less I know on a subject, the more I'm apt to opine on it because I tend to think as a I live - out loud.  Oftentimes I … Continue reading Rendered Wordless


The Earth Pushes Through!

Just like everyone else, I am concerned about global warming.  I shouldn't actually say "like everyone else" because everybody is not concerned.  Instead, I'll just say like many people I am concerned about global warming.  However, my view on it might be a little different. I think the threat of global warming is not about … Continue reading The Earth Pushes Through!