Lacy Reflection in the Powder Room

Unpaid Coronavirus Holiday Art #2

When my grandma was still alive, I used to go and stay at her house sometimes in the summer.  I always slept in her room. Those summer nights, her bedroom was always filled with yellow light from the street lamp but it was filtered through her lace curtains.  I would fall asleep looking at the … Continue reading Unpaid Coronavirus Holiday Art #2

Flower in Jamaica 2

Unpaid Coronavirus Holiday Art #1

  Well, as long as I'm home I might as well keep working on my goal of becoming an awesome abstract digital art maker.  As of about five minutes ago, I'm now down to 1/6 of my clients.  This will probably last at least through March. I'll use this time to work toward a possible … Continue reading Unpaid Coronavirus Holiday Art #1

Brood X Wing

Brood X Wing

  Look, I know we're supposed to appreciate the beauty and wonder that is the 17-year cicada PLAGUE, but I just don't. I don't like bugs and creepy crawlies and all that.  I do have to admit, however, that I actually do enjoy the sound of the brood; I'm aware that many people find the … Continue reading Brood X Wing