Life on the Outside

Life on the Outside: Getting Back to Normal When You Never Really Were

I bet I'm not the only one. "Normal" is coming back. Here's the problem: I never was "normal"; I never liked "normal"; I was never able to pull off "normal". I haven't missed it, although the way, many ways, it went missing made me angry and distraught. Returning to it is akin to a death … Continue reading Life on the Outside: Getting Back to Normal When You Never Really Were

Tribal Dance

Tribal Dance

I envy them, their branches swaying, rocking, swirling, bouncing, Entranced by the music in the breeze, flexing and bowing against the rushing, whooshing rhythms from ancient times, from around the earth Winds as old as life, as constant as music in memory.   Skirts of brown and green and gray lifting, flying, swirling, lying. And … Continue reading Tribal Dance

Sanity Walk

Today I went for a long sanity walk around neighborhoods. I just needed to get out of my funk, with the intention to return home and get out of my FUNK (I hadn’t showered in three days 😳). I started up my street. About a block away from my house I saw half a tiny … Continue reading Sanity Walk

Deserted Gas Station

Cruel Irony

In my work, I teach and drive teach and drive teach and drive all week long. Because of this, gas is a major weekly or twice-weekly purchase for me, a pretty decent chunk of my budget. To help me out with this, my husband (who always does the grocery shopping), shops at a store that … Continue reading Cruel Irony