Looking Up

A Dream Changed My Real Life

I have to record this dream because it’s driving me bonkers.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  I don’t remember everything about it anymore but I know that it caused an enormous and most likely permanent change in my thinking and my life.   I was in a store and I had to buy a … Continue reading A Dream Changed My Real Life

SweetBaby and Me Back in the Day

30 Year Wedding Anniversary Today!

  Wow!  I'm so impressed with us because MARRIAGE AIN'T EASY. It's hilarious that I said that because, actually, being married to SweetBaby for 30 years actually HAS been a bit of a sweet ride.  It's true that it isn't easy but we had one thing going for us that has made all the difference … Continue reading 30 Year Wedding Anniversary Today!

Windswept Garden

Living Library

  It's a sickness, this gnawing desire to learn keep learning  keep learning  keep learning keep doing   keep finding  keep searching No more school  no more other people's ideas other people's thoughts  other people's shoulds There is an accredited university in my brain Professors of experience  of what I've seen of what I've done  of … Continue reading Living Library


Parallel Lives (The Long Intro)

I have started this blog 50 different ways in the few hours it has existed.  After all, when you've been playing hide and seek for four decades and everybody forgot you were playing and no one came to find you, how exactly do you show yourself? Do you tear off all your clothes, kick the … Continue reading Parallel Lives (The Long Intro)

Don't Focus

Don’t Focus (or In Praise of the Niche-Less Blog)

One of the quotes on my outgoing email is this one from Francis Ford Coppola: "Parents always say focus on something. Don’t focus. Do all the things you love and someday it will come together and you will see what you are. And the things that you did ... will all be relevant." When I … Continue reading Don’t Focus (or In Praise of the Niche-Less Blog)