Flower in Jamaica 2

Unpaid Coronavirus Holiday Art #1

  Well, as long as I'm home I might as well keep working on my goal of becoming an awesome abstract digital art maker.  As of about five minutes ago, I'm now down to 1/6 of my clients.  This will probably last at least through March. I'll use this time to work toward a possible … Continue reading Unpaid Coronavirus Holiday Art #1

Stuck at Home

Yay. Sort of.

I'm home today, a surprise day off.  I'm home because I'm self-employed and I've lost 2/3 of my clients for the "foreseeable future" because my clients are assisted living communities.  Thank you COVID-19. I just came back from a one-week (very expensive) vacation.  I went to work for a week and now my work has … Continue reading Yay. Sort of.

Broken Heart

Intro to Art: Broken Heart with Buttons and Beads

   So sometimes I make stuff. I guess I’m supposed to call it art ... except that I’m not an artist. Oddly, I’ve always felt like I’m supposed to be an artist.  I even have a room with a ton of crap for making things, just in case the apocalypse comes and I can never go … Continue reading Intro to Art: Broken Heart with Buttons and Beads