Unpaid Coronavirus Holiday Art #2

Originally posted on July 6, 2020 @ 11:12 pm

Lacy Reflection in the Powder Room When my grandma was still alive, I used to go and stay at her house sometimes in the summer.  I always slept in her room.

Those summer nights, her bedroom was always filled with yellow light from the street lamp but it was filtered through her lace curtains.  I would fall asleep looking at the lacy shadow on the wall, waving with each tiny breeze.

Since then, I’ve had a love for lace curtains and the shadows they cast on the wall.  Every summer, I open our bedroom window to let in the breeze and I keep the curtains open so I can fall asleep to the wavy, shadowy lace on the wall next to our bed.  I still find it soothing and peaceful and it makes me fall asleep with a smile.

The original photo was taken in our powder room.  Playing with it produced this image, which I’m very proud of.

Lace curtains:  a surprising source of beauty and comfort.