Brood X Wing

Brood X Wing

  Look, I know we're supposed to appreciate the beauty and wonder that is the 17-year cicada PLAGUE, but I just don't. I don't like bugs and creepy crawlies and all that.  I do have to admit, however, that I actually do enjoy the sound of the brood; I'm aware that many people find the … Continue reading Brood X Wing

The Heavens

The Heavens, and …

If this painting looks familiar to anyone, it's because on July 4th I posted this:   My original painting was this: ... and, as you know I do, I always either tone a page for the future or I create something new with my leftovers of a painting.  The Heavens was made from the leftovers … Continue reading The Heavens, and …

Happy Accident

Happy Accident

  It all began with this ...   ... which I absolutely hated and just could not get with. I felt the painting was going along just fine and then I had the brilliant idea of making some marks on it with a marker. Ugh. Ruined. Hated it.   But, when I was hanging it … Continue reading Happy Accident


I just discovered this on the AfroPunk blog.  Seems I’ve said many of these words myself over the years.  Powerful.     Set in the idyllic New York cityscapes, three wise women confront misogynoir and the violence of the patriarchy through spoken word. Written and … BLACK WOMEN TEAR DOWN MISOGYNOIR IN POWERFUL SPOKEN WORD … Continue reading BLACK WOMEN TEAR DOWN MISOGYNOIR IN POWERFUL SPOKEN WORD SHORT

First Faces

Finally Starting to Understand Faces

  I've been practicing and practicing and practicing and practicing drawing faces.  Boy, they are not easy!  I think I'm finally beginning to understand. This is the first one I've painted and I feel deserves to be shown to the world. I call him Wide Head!  🙂