Good Morning, Sunshine

Good Morning, Sunshine

When you're surprised by a sunlit room after a week of rain.  My entire mood let out a joyous WHOOP.  I'm still smiling.  Better than a cup of coffee ... if I drank coffee.

Every Day I’m Broiling

  I made this curtain for one of the two little windows in my studioffice (pronounced STUdioffice). I work right under it during the day and for about 30 minutes every day the sun shines through, full force, and I sit there broiling. I'm a sun-lover and all the window treatments (so sparse, they've no … Continue reading Every Day I’m Broiling

Tribal Wall Hanging

Tribal Wall Hanging and the Determination to Move Forward

  Calling this a tribal wall hanging is probably a misnomer. I'm calling it that only because the colors and textures have a tribal feel to me. It makes me think of the richness of my culture and how I feel inside.   I made this from fabric scraps and one of my mom's old … Continue reading Tribal Wall Hanging and the Determination to Move Forward

Windswept Garden

Living Library

  It's a sickness, this gnawing desire to learn keep learning  keep learning  keep learning keep doing   keep finding  keep searching No more school  no more other people's ideas other people's thoughts  other people's shoulds There is an accredited university in my brain Professors of experience  of what I've seen of what I've done  of … Continue reading Living Library