Auto Pilot


Fingers meander absently, mindlessly, naively down QWERTY Lane, telling tales of woes of others onto digital paper. Conscious unconsciousness. Sleepwalking, daydreaming, wandering off into dark alleys where thoughts lurk behind pillars shaped like past bodies and faces, grotesque and looming, stalking, pulsing in excited anticipation of pouncing, screaming, pounding, shrieking assault. They are happy. Their … Continue reading Autopilot



They say we should wear socks to bed We’ll sleep better if our feet are warm.   They say we should drink coffee not drink coffee not creamed coffee. I drink tea in rebellion.   They say we should walk ten thousand steps Well, four thousand may be enough.   So many Theys even They … Continue reading They

Proof of My Existence Grammar Fiction - Painting Day

Grammar Fiction: Painting Day – Bear/Bare

I had barely opened my eyes, yet I already knew I wasn’t going to be able to bear it another day.  The dim morning light shone against the threadbare curtains and turned the pea-green walls even more putrid than their reality.  He and I had painted these walls when we moved in five years ago.  … Continue reading Grammar Fiction: Painting Day – Bear/Bare



Tomorrow I will die. Well, perhaps not tomorrow or tomorrow after tomorrow But for certain I will die On some tomorrow   How much longer behind this curtain?   Tomorrow I will lie On my death bed Reflecting over things Never done Never said Enumerating regrets and requests I never made . . . of … Continue reading Curtain