Scenes have come and scenes have gone. Fragmented clips play in the background. Heavy curtains hanging silent at distant edges, become visible, bringing about a curious tilt of the head and a questioning furrow to the eyebrows.   Supporting. Names appear, rolling from the bottom, … Continue reading Credits



In the darkest of the wee hours Quiet save for the white noise of forced heat and the hum of silence I half-wake into that twilight place and find that I am huddled snugly beneath the down My left leg tucked like a puzzle piece between your legs. They are cool. I strain through the … Continue reading Blanket

Sanity Walk

Today I went for a long sanity walk around neighborhoods. I just needed to get out of my funk, with the intention to return home and get out of my FUNK (I hadn’t showered in three days 😳). I started up my street. About a block away from my house I saw half a tiny … Continue reading Sanity Walk

Proof of My Existence - Catastrophe

Catastrophe, Thank You

Catastrophe, I thank you Disaster, you win For getting my head back on straight again For setting my heart in a giving place again For my life and my love. Catastrophe, I owe you one Disaster, chalk up this one To letting the Highest in again To betting He'll make His point again In my … Continue reading Catastrophe, Thank You

Heavy Load

Nature Asks for Help

I just read the sweetest little story (the first comment on a post by Through Open Lens) about a little bird “asking” a human for help and receiving it with gratitude. That story got me thinking of an experience I had watching an ant. I was sitting on the concrete steps of a little utility … Continue reading Nature Asks for Help