Spring Springing in the Corner of Our Yard

On Being “Self-Taught”

  On this idea of being self-taught in my art adventures, I don’t think that’s really a thing, at least not for me. Disclaimer: I am an absolute newbie. Although I’ve made many different types of things all through my life, I just started learning to draw within the last year and to paint within … Continue reading On Being “Self-Taught”

1st Post-COVID Dance

1st Post-COVID Dance

      My American Tribal Style dance troupe suffered a great loss even before the pandemic.  My mother died in 2018.  It took her 24 days to pass, in hospice.  It was the most stressful and odd time in my life: waiting for someone to die, someone with whom so much had not been … Continue reading 1st Post-COVID Dance

Two-Color Leftovers

Don’t Waste Those Leftovers!

  Years ago, when my children were very young, I used to cook for my family once a week. ONLY once a week. That might seem weird to you or like I neglected them six days a week but, actually, that cooking day was a big, comfortable deal for me and it fed my family … Continue reading Don’t Waste Those Leftovers!

First Flowers

Step Back and Find Beauty

  Sometimes we're so up close to a situation that all we can see are the flaws.  Even on a beautiful face, if you stand too close, you're likely to see pores and discolorations and tiny scars from who knows how long ago. But when you step back, when you put some distance between you … Continue reading Step Back and Find Beauty

Bursting Forth

Bursting Forth: Thank You, Pandemic

    I've had to convince myself, more than once, that it's OK to feel joy at how things turned out for me as a result of the pandemic. For a while there, I felt guilty and didn't want to say out loud that my life is better now than it's ever been.  After all, … Continue reading Bursting Forth: Thank You, Pandemic