Drama Queen

Drama Queen

DRAMA QUEEN   She isn’t “dramatic” She is struggling to be heard   Pain and pleadings Desires and desperations Roll through her like a tidal wave on a river       So much explosion, no where to explode . . . to   Like water, expression seeks its own level Like water, need finds an out … Continue reading Drama Queen

The Heavens

The Heavens, and …

If this painting looks familiar to anyone, it's because on July 4th I posted this:   My original painting was this: ... and, as you know I do, I always either tone a page for the future or I create something new with my leftovers of a painting.  The Heavens was made from the leftovers … Continue reading The Heavens, and …

Spring Springing in the Corner of Our Yard

On Being “Self-Taught”

  On this idea of being self-taught in my art adventures, I don’t think that’s really a thing, at least not for me. Disclaimer: I am an absolute newbie. Although I’ve made many different types of things all through my life, I just started learning to draw within the last year and to paint within … Continue reading On Being “Self-Taught”