Family Tree Sketch on Scrap Paper

They Hate Me … Because They Love Me

  My family hates me.  And by family, I mean my cousins.  That's really all that's left, my cousins - my mother's brothers' children.  (I have no siblings except for: 1, the one I was hidden from; 2, the half-sister from another mother and her now-deceased brother.  This is a really long story I'm not … Continue reading They Hate Me … Because They Love Me

Depressed Woman (Edited)

I Know What You’re Thinking: How I Became a Loner

Response to Pointless Overthinking's Question of the Day – No. 508   "How often do you assume others think bad about you and how do those thoughts look like?"  When I read this prompt, a torrent of emotions flowed into me.  Do I assume others think bad about me?  YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES. … Continue reading I Know What You’re Thinking: How I Became a Loner

1st Post-COVID Dance

1st Post-COVID Dance

      My American Tribal Style dance troupe suffered a great loss even before the pandemic.  My mother died in 2018.  It took her 24 days to pass, in hospice.  It was the most stressful and odd time in my life: waiting for someone to die, someone with whom so much had not been … Continue reading 1st Post-COVID Dance

Two-Color Leftovers

Don’t Waste Those Leftovers!

  Years ago, when my children were very young, I used to cook for my family once a week. ONLY once a week. That might seem weird to you or like I neglected them six days a week but, actually, that cooking day was a big, comfortable deal for me and it fed my family … Continue reading Don’t Waste Those Leftovers!