Family Tree Sketch on Scrap Paper

They Hate Me … Because They Love Me

  My family hates me.  And by family, I mean my cousins.  That's really all that's left, my cousins - my mother's brothers' children.  (I have no siblings except for: 1, the one I was hidden from; 2, the half-sister from another mother and her now-deceased brother.  This is a really long story I'm not … Continue reading They Hate Me … Because They Love Me

Happy Accident

Happy Accident

  It all began with this ...   ... which I absolutely hated and just could not get with. I felt the painting was going along just fine and then I had the brilliant idea of making some marks on it with a marker. Ugh. Ruined. Hated it.   But, when I was hanging it … Continue reading Happy Accident

Right-on-Time Message from SweetBaby

How to Start Your Husband’s Day Right

Sometimes, and always unexpectedly, I bring fits of laughter to my husband.  I call him SweetBaby - at least I used to.  In three days we'll have been married 30 years.  The pet names don't flow as quickly as they used to.  I need to get back to that.  Besides, SweetBaby is a cool name, … Continue reading How to Start Your Husband’s Day Right

Deserted Gas Station

Cruel Irony

In my work, I teach and drive teach and drive teach and drive all week long. Because of this, gas is a major weekly or twice-weekly purchase for me, a pretty decent chunk of my budget. To help me out with this, my husband (who always does the grocery shopping), shops at a store that … Continue reading Cruel Irony