SweetBaby and Me Back in the Day

30 Year Wedding Anniversary Today!

  Wow!  I'm so impressed with us because MARRIAGE AIN'T EASY. It's hilarious that I said that because, actually, being married to SweetBaby for 30 years actually HAS been a bit of a sweet ride.  It's true that it isn't easy but we had one thing going for us that has made all the difference … Continue reading 30 Year Wedding Anniversary Today!

Right-on-Time Message from SweetBaby

How to Start Your Husband’s Day Right

Sometimes, and always unexpectedly, I bring fits of laughter to my husband.  I call him SweetBaby - at least I used to.  In three days we'll have been married 30 years.  The pet names don't flow as quickly as they used to.  I need to get back to that.  Besides, SweetBaby is a cool name, … Continue reading How to Start Your Husband’s Day Right

Rendered Wordless

Rendered Wordless

Everyone who knows or has ever met me, knows that being wordless is not one of my many problems.  I always have a lot to say.  The less I know on a subject, the more I'm apt to opine on it because I tend to think as a I live - out loud.  Oftentimes I … Continue reading Rendered Wordless