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Review: “Attacking Anxiety and Depression”

VictoryIn my posts Uh Oh, Fear and My No-Medication Journey to Emotional Health and Well-Being, I briefly mentioned a program called Attacking Anxiety and Depression. When I wrote those posts, my assumption was that this program no longer exists, considering I used it 20-or-so years ago. Along with a workbook, it came with cassettes and video tapes. CASSETTES and VIDEO TAPES, y’all. I dare say some of you reading this might not even know what those are!  (Man, I am old.)  After writing those posts, I went looking around to see if the program still exists.  I found that it not only still exists (I found it on Amazon) but that it’s now available in different forms, from just the workbook to the entire program and it’s been updated to include CDs and DVDs.  So, in this post I will tell you about my experience with this program.  I am an Amazon affiliate, you need to know that; meaning, if you purchase it, I will make a small commission.  However, I’m going to tell you about my real and honest experience with this program and try to help you figure out whether it might be for you.

In the posts mentioned above, I acknowledged that this program actually did do me much good. I’m going to tell you honestly, it was a WHOLE lot of work.  In addition to audio and video, its main focus is a workbook that offers up assignments that require a lot of writing and a great deal of thinking, honesty and courage to face your truths. But it also is excellent at unearthing your worth, your beauty, and what makes you not just alright but worth fighting for. 

Attacking Anxiety and Depression, created by Lucinda Bassett, is not a get-well-quick scheme and you will need to continue working on your own behalf to be emotionally calmer and more healthy. But, if you make the commitment, to yourself, to do the work, you will very likely come out on the other side better than when you went in.  Oftentimes, better is all we need and is much more realistic than so-called “cures.”

I did this program. It was a long time ago so I can’t remember how many weeks it took but it was a long project. I also think I crapped out at least a couple of times and ended up taking longer to finish than the “usual” amount of time. If that happens, it’s okay. This is a personal, health-building process and it should take the time it needs to take. 

Attacking Anxiety and Depression is not for the faint of heart, for the wimpy person who kicks around the idea of maybe feeling a little better one day.  It is not for the person who still finds it easier just to live in the depression because getting better is too hard.  (I’m not judging; I was that person for years.)  No, this program is for those who are desperate to be better than they are right now. I came out so much better than when I went in but it wasn’t instant.  Listen to me here, it won’t be instant; no more instant than the time it takes for a sturdy skyscraper to go up. You will have to continue to work on yourself but you will have LOTS of reminders from the program swirling through your mind, readily accessible to you, because you are going to lay a new foundation, a new framework for your thinking and your life.

As far as the price of the program is concerned, honestly, back then I thought it was pricey.  However, when my husband and I discussed the program all those years ago, we weighed the cost against all I had already spent on therapy, hospitalizations, and missed days from work due to my illness and the likelihood that even more spending from those things was in my future.  After the weigh-in, less than $200 no longer felt pricey.  I jumped in and haven’t spent another dollar on any of the above since I finished the program.

My honest verdict:  this program is absolutely worth checking out. It worked for me 20 years ago and still today I attribute to it my ability to keep going on in emotional health, free from panic attacks, and with the ability to level-set when life does get hairy (because let’s be honest, life will never be totally easy).  Attacking Anxiety and Depression is an investment into your own life and your own future.  If you’re ready to make this investment in you, click the link below.

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As an Amazon affiliate, if you purchase this product I will make a small commission, which will not affect your cost.


I hope the best for you in your journey to health and wellness.


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