Stuck at Home

Yay. Sort of.

Stuck at HomeI’m home today, a surprise day off.  I’m home because I’m self-employed and I’ve lost 2/3 of my clients for the “foreseeable future” because my clients are assisted living communities.  Thank you COVID-19.

I just came back from a one-week (very expensive) vacation.  I went to work for a week and now my work has been cut by 2/3 – so far.

I know it won’t be long – probably no more than a month (geesh, I hope it isn’t really that long).

Ah well, I’m always complaining there are so many things I don’t have time to get to, so I can get to them now.  I’ll look at it like that.  Yay.  Time to get to things I never get to.

(enormous sigh)

Sure wish somebody would pay me for it though.



  1. I am sorry your going through this, my freelance work has gone down because people are afraid of meeting in public places like a coffee shop. So much fear right now that we have no choice but to ride the wave.,


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