Salvaged Pour 1

Salvaged Pour

Salvaged Pour
Salvaged Pour – 6/4/21, Acrylic on mixed media paper
Salvaged Pour 2
Salvaged Pour 2- 6/8/21, Acrylic on mixed media paper









I tried my first acrylic pour.  It did not go well.  My intent was black, white and red, all clearly delineated in a beautiful un-muddy swirl of color.  But it was my first time and I ran into trouble mixing (I didn’t have separate cups ready and the cups were too small to add the pouring medium), so I ended up with a very odd piece that I tried to like, hung up for a while, and ultimately scrapped a couple of weeks later.

On the other hand, thanks to my Don’t Waste Those Leftovers rule, I ended up with these two creations instead and these I really do like!

I wasn’t feeling the one with all the black at first; nothing showed up, it was too black. A few days later I went back and added white and all of a sudden all of the colors showed up. Magic!


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