Quarantine – Uh Oh, It’s Here

Quarantine  Well, it’s come to my home.  Not the virus itself, but its effects.

I work with the assisted-living community.  My biggest client is actually a franchise that represents a third of the buildings I visit.  They have closed ALL buildings throughout March (at least), due to an abundance of caution.  I fully expect my other clients to do the same eventually.

So …

Let the games begin.

A rare downside to being self-employed.



  1. Wow 😳. Yep, we’re hearing a lot about this bug where I am too; apparently a lot of the confirmed cases are actually being transported here and quarantined here. I’m in San Antonio, Texas, and Lackland Air Force Base on the southwest side of town is ground zero. In the northern part where I am, the impact is minimal; grocery store shelves are still abundant, people haven’t really changed their behavior much. Some people are talking about it a lot and it’s all over the news, but mostly life as usual at the end of the day 😊


  2. I was out shopping at Target, the store where a list does you no good because let’s face it, Target tells you what you need. Then you come out of there with $100 of items you didn’t even need.

    I was shopping for hand sanitizer. There was none to be had. Along with water, Lysol wipes and spray. The throngs pf people had snatched them all up.

    Now we wait….

    Wait, gotta go I need to go back and see about shelf stable foods. I have none!


      1. Sometimes people do suck. Well, except for you and I and anyone we don’t deem to suck on any given day. But their sucking is subject to change based completely upon our utter whim and fancy.

        Just kidding… 😜

        But the price gauging thing is true. I heard Purell hand sanitizer can fetch up to $50 a bottle online!!! Whaaaat??


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