Drama Queen

Drama Queen

She isn’t “dramatic”
She is struggling to be heard
Pain and pleadings
Desires and desperations
Roll through her like a tidal wave on a river
      So much explosion, no where to explode . . . to
Like water, expression seeks its own level
Like water, need finds an out
      A hole, a crack
Pain and pleadings
Desires and desperations
Boil and tumble
Roil and rumble
And push, hard,
      To the tip of the tongue and the soles of the feet
      To the nail beds and the split ends and
      The crinkles of the eyes and the tortured sneer of lips
      To the bowing of her spine, to the splaying of her fingers and
      The hunching of her shoulders
 The tidal wave pushes to . . . nowhere
Your disinterest bottles the tempest, you see
Your apathy, your indifference
Takes away her plea . . . and
What should be an audible, laudable cry for help
Strong enough to shake hearts, souls, caring . . .
What should have been a VOICE
An utterance expressed
No, crashes, instead against a thousand foot wall of YOU
All goes silent as the tidal wave recoils from the shock of crashing against you
All is silent as the once-forward momentum, explosion,
Arcs backward, arcs backward, arcs backward
      First up toward God whose eyes catch a glimpse just as
      Her fearful arms strain toward Him and
      Her smothered scream brushes his ears
      Then, falls back and down, back and down, back and down
      Rocks to and fro for a bit, for a bit, for . . . a . . . bit
Until finally, she is still and . . . quiet
But . . .
Like all water
Pain and pleadings,
Desires and desperations
Always find a way
      A crack, a hole, a fissure
A tear seeps, slowly, quietly, bitterly
From the corner of her eye


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