Every Day I’m Broiling

Sunny Curtain


I made this curtain for one of the two little windows in my studioffice (pronounced STUdioffice). I work right under it during the day and for about 30 minutes every day the sun shines through, full force, and I sit there broiling. I’m a sun-lover and all the window treatments (so sparse, they’ve no right to be called that) are designed to let in all the light available all day long. So, I wasn’t happy to have to cover this window; the two of them add so much character to my dance studio, I feel like they themselves are a decorative element.

I made this curtain from fabric strips of different widths and textures, almost all white. To my happy surprise, this curtain actually works! I’d say it decreases the broil factor by about 85% and I’m going to accept that as a win. Another win is that, because it’s made of strips, the light shines through in little streams (that don’t cook me) and it’s so beautiful.

Functional design!

The piece hanging in front of the curtain is The Kokopelli, a mischievous character in Native American folklore. I got two of these when my hubby and I went on a self-directed tour of Navajo Nation a few years ago. The Kokopelli is NOT part of the curtain; he’s hanging in front of it.



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