Windswept Garden

Living Library

Windswept Garden
My first time putting paint to paper. Following along with a video on abstract painting. At first I thought it was crazy too busy but it keeps growing on me.


It’s a sickness, this gnawing desire to learn

keep learning  keep learning  keep learning

keep doing   keep finding  keep searching

No more school  no more other people’s ideas

other people’s thoughts  other people’s shoulds

There is an accredited university in my brain

Professors of experience  of what I’ve seen

of what I’ve done  of what I’ve heard  of what I’ve lived

of what I’ve inflicted  of what I’ve been afflicted

So many words  so many lyrics  so many melodies

A university  a windfall  a volcano  a library

Circulating through my mind  longing to be

Out  out  out for everyone  and in just for me

It’s a sickness this grinding machine of keep doing

keep doing  keep doing  keep doing

keep groaning under the weight of thoughts

of aches  of yearnings  of unrequited desires

It’s enrollment day  registration day  come to Jesus day

Hear Jehovah day  turn off the lies day

It may be my last day  everyone’s last day

There’s a plague of ignorance

of don’t want to see

A plague

I will live

even if I die I will live

I will not forfeit my own learning

will not relinquish the card to my living library of

Common sense and thought

My education  of me  by me  through me

For me.




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