Can I Act It Into Being?

If I decide that I am an artist and start doing artsy things

Will I BE an artist?

This is not a facetious question. In another post, I mentioned that I’ve always been drawn toward art, as in a craving in my heart to MAKE SOMETHING.

I’ve messed around a little, making random things, all different. But I’ve never received any training and I don’t know what I’m doing, ever, until it’s done.

In recent months, even before COVID-19, the universe has been screaming at me, “Make it make it make it!” But what? The screaming doesn’t tell me.

Now it’s pounding at my chest. I read about art constantly. I look at images of the whole world’s art. I study nature (I’ve always loved things not made by man) as though it’s talking to me.

It all goes in. Very little comes out.

I have accumulated enough art supplies (unguided and random) to make enough supplies to last through …

a pandemic.

Perhaps the universe has been preparing me for just this eventuality.

Yesterday, I accumulated a little more.

Today, I’m starting on my first art journal. I’ve researched the subject to death. I’m hoping I will find my way, my self, my artist.

So, back to my question …

Those of you who are artists, I am craving your thoughts on this. I’ve been involved in the performing arts for 50 years. This is about visual art, things made with my hands in some way or other. Things that are tangible. Things that last, that will go on after me.

Please share your wisdom.


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